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Premises Liability Injuries

The personal injury attorneys of Celler Law Offices have broad experience in premises liability injury claims cases. Premises liability cases include more than simple slip and fall accidents in a shopping center. Premises liability claims can include injuries suffered by dog bites, falling objects, physical and sexual assault, and pedestrian accidents.

Premises liability claims extend to private property, government buildings, schools, and churches.
Premises liability covers a wide range of injury claims. If you or a family member has suffered a heart attack in a public building without a defibrillator on site, you may have a viable premises liability claim. In addition, injuries suffered by attending sporting events or participating in recreational activities also fall into the area of premises liability. While we are not a worker's compensation claim law firm, we can also help you recover additional compensation from third party insurers who share liability for your workplace injuries.

We have helped people receive compensation for premises liability injury claims such as:

Negligent and Security
Supermarkets and retail store injuries
Pedestrian injuries
Dog bites
School and playground accidents
Food poisoning from fast food restaurants
Construction site accidents

Slip and fall accidents often result in injuries such as:

Wrongful death, fatal accidents
Traumatic brain injuries
Closed head wounds, concussions
Soft tissue injuries
Back and spinal cord injuries
We have the experience and knowledge of personal injury trial law to investigate all possible avenues for recovery. We make our objectives clear to the opposing attorneys. We prepare every case to help our clients receive the full amount of compensation they may be entitled to. If you need help as a result of an accident, call 855-CellerLaw or 855-235-5375, by using our evaluation form or by emailing us at bceller@cellerlaw.com

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